Star Program

                    General Information

The NEW YORK STATE TAX RELIEF PROGRAM provides an exemption from school taxes for owner-occupied,
       primary residences.

The two basic levels that you may be qualified for are:

 BASIC STAR  (Form RP-425)

  •   There is no age limitation.  Income must be below $500,000.

  •   It must be your primary residence. Owner must live on the property and provide proof of such.

  •   You do not need to reapply each year, but if you move, you must reapply on the new residence.

  •   You must present a valid ID along with your current address.



  •   65 years of age or older by December 31, 2015 (exception: a husband and wife, or sibling, only one needs to be 65).
             You must provide proof of age. (A drivers license, birth certificate, passport, or Medicare card is acceptable.)

  •   Property must be owned by the applicant or the applicant must retain "Life Use" in the deed. Must be the primary      

  •   Income has to be $84,400 or under and proof of income needs to be provided. If you filed an income tax return for  
    , you must provide a copy.

  •   Senior citizens who are qualified may sign up for the STAR Income Verification Program which allows
            the State to verify your continued eligibility for the Enhanced STAR. Please see Form RP-425-IVP
            for more

  •   You must reapply each year to keep the Enhanced exemption in effect.

  Application Deadline for all exemptions:

MARCH 1, 2017





Page updated March 29, 2017