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DLA Property Use

The remainder of the former DLA property off Hoyt Ave. of about 88 acres, has been vacant for several years. Back in 2004 we rezoned the area so we could control the activities of the property to uses that would have as small an impact on the community as possible.

During that time we have had several proposals presented to us that just did not meet that goal. We refused to allow them.

We also realize that having residential activity there is not practical and we don't think anyone believes leaving that area unused and to decay
is a wise thing to do.

 Keeping that in mind,

We are working to put in place zoning and other restrictions on the DLA property to work to minimize impact to the residents that live nearby.

To that end we are looking at both restricting the use of the DLA property to 'clean' operations.  That is, to not allow any use that could cause new environmental problems like those that occurred in the past.

We are also looking to restrict the times and volume of larger truck traffic into the property, so as to not have large volumes of tractor trailers going in and out at any time of the day.

The property buildings are quite large, and were built and used (albeit many years ago) as warehouses, which makes them less suitable for many other purposes.  As such, we are looking at means to accommodate their design while minimizing impact on the community (especially restricting what can be stored there).

After almost 13 years we believe an opportunity to meet those goals may be at hand.

We welcome you to attend our regular board meetings and work sessions to hear your thoughts.

Fenton Town Board

Dave Hamlin

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